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June 16,2024
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The Play of Life accreditation program is for professionals in human services seeking to enhance their toolkit with an effective, neuroscientifically grounded tool.

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Meet our team

Dr. Carlos Raimundo
Dr. Carlos is the founder of Active Learning International Pty Ltd, the creator of Play of Life & RCompass and the author of Relationship Capital. Carlos’ biggest passion is in helping seekers to discover the best version of themselves by creating tools to fast-track isight to understand what holds us back and facilitating the first step towards an enjoyable life. He applies his studies in medicine, psychiatry, philosophy, spirituality, leadership, and, most significantly, his ongoing personal learning to achieve those goals.
Melanie Raimundo
Melanie is the Director of Active Learning International Pty Ltd with a Diploma in Counselling and currently studying a double degree in Psychology and Philosophy. In her time with ALI as a Relationship Coach and International Presenter, Melanie has worked with corporate leaders & teams, executives of large organisations, refugees, small businesses, teenagers, families and individuals. Her passion in everything she does is in helping people come back to themselves through self-acceptance and personal responsibility to move towards a life of goodness, humility and reverence.
Antonio Krus
Anton is the Developer and CTO of Active Learning International Pty Ltd (ALI) with a background as a Telecommunications Engineer, Web Design, Software Development and Graphic Design. Anton not only develops the websites and apps for all ALI projects but also connects with students and practitioners around the globe to ensure they have access to our courses and applications. Anton speaks fluent Spanish, Russian & English and his greatest passion is in helping people live a life filled with joy, love, faith and hope.

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