Frequently asked questions

Can I purchase a kit or figures if I'm not a Play of Life Practitioner? 

At Active Learning International we make it a policy to only sell the Play of Life kit (or the figures separately) to members of our global community who are Play of Life Accredited Practitioners or students of the method

We have two reasons for this policy: 

Firstly, acquiring figures in Australia (and other parts of the world outside of Europe) can be challenging. To address the difficulty in obtaining figures, we created our digital app! You can access the app for free or learn more about the app in action in this article

Secondly, we aim to ensure that everyone using the figures does so with our guidance and supervision upon completion of our accreditation course. You can read more about the way we use the figures and props in this blog post.

If you're interested in purchasing Playmobil figures separately, we recommend checking this online source:

Where is the Play of Life digital application?

The Play of Life digital application is available at the following web address:

You can use it from any browser. We recommend its use in modern browsers such as: Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome. We also recommend that you can use a computer or a device with a medium or large screen such as a tablet. It can be used from the phone but maneuverability may be reduced.
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