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Can I purchase a kit or figures if I'm not a Play of Life Practitioner? 

The power of the Play of Life lies in its strong theoretical foundation and 3D simulation. It uses small figures for face-to-face work or a digital app for online sessions, which can also be used in face-to-face settings.Small figures are the most effective way of experiencing the power of the Play of Life. These figures must be purchased separately. Due to their quality and range of motion, Playmobil figures are the best we have found so far.

A typical set for individual use consists of
10 male and 10 female adults,
6 boys, 6 girls, 
& 3 babies.

Props include: paddle pop sticks, pipe cleaners, small boxes, and little puffs. 

We don't recommend using figurative figures such as dragons, knights, or animals. You can read more about the way we use the figures and props in this blog post.

To purchase Playmobil figures, we recommend the following (we don’t have any relationship with these companies):

You can also search for used Playmobil figures on Amazon, eBay, or other web sources in your country.

Using Other Figures
You may use other figures, even from your children's toys, but they need to have some mobility to achieve the power of the 3D simulation of life and to stimulate the brain processes needed to activate mirror neurons and subcortical brain circuits.

The Play of Life Digital app

To address the difficulty in obtaining figures, we created our digital app! You can access the app for free or learn more about the app in action in this article

How can I access the Play of Life Digital App?

The Play of Life digital application is available at the following web address:

You can use it from any browser. We recommend its use in modern browsers such as: Firefox, Safari, Opera or Chrome. We also recommend that you can use a computer or a device with a medium or large screen such as a tablet. It can be used from the phone but maneuverability may be reduced.

Can I use the Play of Life if I only do Level 1?

Yes definitely. Level 1 is for individual application and is the foundation of the method. You can start using the method as soon as you complete the course (you receive your certification immediately upon completion). 2x supervision sessions per year are required to maintain your accreditation level.

How do I access the resources in the course?

In the Resources section of each course (there will be a few), click on the paperclip icon to the lefthand side of the page. You will then see a drop down with the available resources to download, save and/or print. See video below for further explanation. 
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