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For over 30 years, professionals in human services and individuals seeking self-help have embraced The Play of Life. What sets it apart from other methods, therapies, and programs? Unlike exclusive approaches, The Play of Life doesn't replace existing tools—it enhances them. It's a model-agnostic method that seamlessly integrates with diverse frameworks, offering a unique and complementary perspective to support personal growth and transformation. Embrace the power of The Play of Life and expand your toolbox today, professionally or personally!
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The Neuroscience behind the method

The Play of Life has been applied globally by professionals in human services and for self-help for over 30 years. But how does it differ from all other methods, therapies and programs? Well, it not only doesn't take away from other tools but it adds to them, you could say it's model agnostic. 

Watch this short animated video to see a short snapshot of the neuroscience behind the method or read the article linked below.  

How it helps

A few human pain points the Play of Life helps to address: 

1. Difficulty in verbal expression: It recognises that it can be challenging to convey and articulate complex emotions and experiences through traditional verbal communication. By providing a visual and immersive experience, it offers an alternative avenue for self-expression and understanding.

2. Communication barriers in coaching or therapy: Many individuals struggle to effectively communicate their thoughts, feelings, and experiences in coaching or therapy sessions. The Play of Life bypasses these barriers by offering a tangible and interactive tool that helps clients explore and understand their stories more comprehensively.

3. Cognitive biases and self-justification: The human brain has a tendency to create justifications and biases to protect us from pain, failure, or the unknown. These cognitive biases often hinder personal growth and impede progress. The Play of Life helps individuals recognise and break free from these biases by visually representing their hidden narratives, enabling them to gain fresh insights and perspectives.

4. Lack of self-awareness and understanding of impact: Individuals and groups may struggle to fully comprehend the effects of their actions and choices on themselves and others. The Play of Life allows clients to see the direct and indirect consequences of their behaviour, fostering self-awareness and promoting empathy towards others.

5. Designing a better life: Many individuals desire positive change and a better quality of life but may lack clarity or guidance on how to achieve it. The Play of Life empowers clients to actively design and create the life they aspire to, providing a structured framework for personal growth and transformation.

By addressing these pain points, The Play of Life offers individuals and groups a unique and powerful approach to self-discovery, communication, and personal development.
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Our vision

At The Play of Life, our vision is to make our transformative method readily accessible to professionals in human services worldwide. We also aim to empower seekers by providing them with easier, faster, and more efficient access to our network of accredited practitioners.

Our goal is to expand a professional's toolbox to upskill their practice and individuals receive help and support, ensuring that they can readily tap into the benefits of The Play of Life approach.

ALI Accredited Practitioners around the globe

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Training & Apps

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Professional Accreditation

For Professionals in the fields of human services:
  • 3 Levels of Accreditation 
  • 3 Modes of study

Enhance your toolbox by incorporating the Play of Life approach and integrating it with the methods you already use to better help people reach insight and achieve sustained behavioural change.
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Short Courses

Elevate your personal and professional life with our upcoming short courses:
  • Discover effective team building,
  • master relationship management,
  • enhance communication skills, and
  • embark on a transformative journey of self-improvement. 
Coming Soon.
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Digital apps

Until now, the Play of Life method has exclusively utilised Playmobil figures. However, these figures come with certain limitations: they can be difficult to obtain, and with the growing prevalence of online meetings and sessions, it has become necessary to explore innovative approaches to make the method more accessible.
  • Play of Life Digital
  • RCompass (Relationship Mapping)

Meet our team

Dr. Carlos Raimundo
Dr. Carlos is the founder of Active Learning International Pty Ltd, the creator of Play of Life & RCompass and the author of Relationship Capital. Carlos’ biggest passion is in helping seekers to discover the best version of themselves by creating tools to fast-track isight to understand what holds us back and facilitating the first step towards an enjoyable life. He applies his studies in medicine, psychiatry, philosophy, spirituality, leadership, and, most significantly, his ongoing personal learning to achieve those goals.
Melanie Raimundo
Melanie is the Director of Active Learning International Pty Ltd with a Diploma in Counselling and currently studying a double degree in Psychology and Philosophy. In her time with ALI as a Relationship Coach and International Presenter, Melanie has worked with corporate leaders & teams, executives of large organisations, refugees, small businesses, teenagers, families and individuals. Her passion in everything she does is in helping people come back to themselves through self-acceptance and personal responsibility to move towards a life of goodness, humility and reverence.
Antonio Krus
Anton is the Developer and CTO of Active Learning International Pty Ltd (ALI) with a background as a Telecommunications Engineer, Web Design, Software Development and Graphic Design. Anton not only develops the websites and apps for all ALI projects but also connects with students and practitioners around the globe to ensure they have access to our courses and applications. Anton speaks fluent Spanish, Russian & English and his greatest passion is in helping people live a life filled with joy, love, faith and hope.

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