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Level 2 - Group application

Application for Groups: Cultural Transformation
What you are going to learn

Application for Groups: Cultural Transformation

Themes of effective communication, intimacy, sexuality, dysfunctional families, dealing with difficult people, cultural change in a corporate setting.
For Psychotherapy, Counselling, Coaching, Supervision and Chaplaincy.

What's needed for accreditation:

  • 1 x video recording of each PoL technique
  • 4 x self-evaluations logs (filled out online) for each PoL technique
  • Complete the quiz at the end of each lesson
  • Complete all the lessons
  • Receive 1 supervision session

You will learn:

  • Accredits you to apply the method for groups
  • Theory and philosophy behind using the method with groups
  • 3 new practical techniques
  • Online supervision
  • Videos & lessons from Dr. Carlos A Raimundo
  • Printable resources

Dr. Carlos Raimundo



Carlos is the founder of Active Learning International Pty Ltd and the creator of Play of Life and RCompass. Carlos’ biggest passion is in helping seekers to discover their best to enjoy life to the fullest and enrich the world with hope. He applies his studies in medicine, psychiatry, philosophy, spirituality, leadership, and, most significantly, his ongoing personal learning to achieve those goals.
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