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Introductory Course

In this course, you'll learn how the Play of Life can enrich your professional toolbox, helping you, better help your clients move beyond the mental blocks that bind them towards a happier life.
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The Play of Life for Professionals

Is it difficult for your client to change? No matter how many sessions they've had?

Have you ever had a client unable to "see" their personal contribution to their situation?

Do you feel there is sometimes a barrier to your client's growth that is holding them back?

See how the Play of Life can help!

What is the Play of Life?

Learn how the Play of Life works.

The sources and history of Play of Life

Learn about Psychodrama, visualisation and the history of the Play of Life.

The problems the Play of Life help to bypass

Learn about limitations in verbal communication, the effects of cognitive biases, and lack of a secure learning environment.

Basic role theory

Learn about role theory, how we use Active Role theory in the Play of Life and why it's so important for change.

Understanding the Play of Life

Learn about the brain, neuroplasticity and how the brain works on relationships issues.

Case studies

Learn where you can use the Play of Life as tool trough real situations.
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