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The Play of Life and Heartstyles have a rich history. The founders of these two tools, Dr. Carlos A Raimundo of the Play of Life and Stephen and Mara Klemich of Heartstyles, are friends since the 90s in Sydney. They connected through a shared common objective: assisting people through heart-centered approaches, neuroscience, and transformative tools. The Play of Life provides training and digital applications for Heartstyles AA, enabling them to expand their professional toolkit and effectively incorporate the Play of Life method into their practice. This can be done alongside Heartstyles and/or any other methods/tools they currently employ, such as CBT, NLP, EMDR, and others.
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Seamlessly integrates & expands your current methods.


Unlocks untapped aspects of the brain beyond verbal communication.


Aids clients in achieving insight and sustainable behavioural change.


Sets your practice apart from the rest.

Watch how we tap
into the magic
of the brain

Discover the neuroscience behind the method in action and see what happens inside the brain.

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We have been using The Play of Life for over 20 years to help participants get a breakthrough on their personal, team and leadership journey. Heartstyles helps reveal defensive and constructive behaviours and because of the sensitivity in dealing with these results, we like to guide people to a revelation of learning. Using The Play of Life at these sensitive points allows the participants to discover for themselves things they could not “see” before, and then gives them insights to action plan for greater effectiveness, personally and professionally.



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What we offer?

Our tools enable you to unlock parts of the brain that traditional verbal communication simply can't reach.


The Play of Life accreditation program is designed for professionals in the field of human services who want to improve their skills by incorporating a neuroscientifically-based tool that seamlessly aligns with the principles and practices of the Heartstyles philosophy & application.

Short Courses & Workshops

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Digital Applications

With the growing prevalence of online meetings and sessions, it has become necessary to explore innovative approaches to make the method more accessible.

  • Play of Life Digital
  • RCompass (Relationship Mapping)

You don't need to be accredited to start playing!

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Play of Life digital

Open our Play of Life app to experience first-hand how to accelerate understanding and change behavior using digital figures.

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RCompass - Relationship mapping

Open our Relationship Map app to visualize and take control of your relational world

Play of Life is a method that enables great insight and awareness for people by bypassing the rational part of their brain to access and process limbic templates and memories that have shaped their lives. It is therefore so beneficial and congruent to Heartstyles coaching. It creates opportunities for a deepened understanding of the origins of our thinking and behaviour and allows new narratives to emerge that can be life-changing. The wealth and depth of research that underpins Play of Life and that is shared on the course, is incredibly thought provoking and enriching. It challenges me to keep learning and growing.
Jessie Orwin
Certified Play of Life Practitioner

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