RCompass, a Digital Sociometry. What Would Moreno Think About It?

Dr. Carlos A Raimundo
Abstract: Relationships are the source of our joy and happiness, just like they can be the cause of pain and suffering. Relationships are the most critical capital we could ever have. Relational experiences are concrete and clear, ephemeral, fleeting, and timeless. It is possible to forget an emotion we recently experienced and remember old ones as if they are happening now. When we are happy or content, we may see an event through a rose-colored lens or tragedy in gloomy times. We cannot fully trust our perceptions of relationships; emotions can overshadow them. Moreno developed psychodrama and sociometry in his genius creativity to facilitate a clearer understanding of relational dynamics aimed at relational change. RCompass is a digital application that uses Morenian philosophy and techniques to visualize, map, and clarify how we relate. It provides qualitative and measurable data to make the appropriate steps towards positive change. Mapping and making sense of relationships is pivotal to a better life. Therefore, this article looks at the RCompass app as a digital alternative to relationship mapping, digital sociometry.
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